Kerala's Skill Development Initiative from IHRD
Ours is a technologically fast developing state. The need for technical  experts like engineers is already understood and realized. However, an area that at is often ignored is the need for semiskilled workers in various field related to application of technology in our day to day life. Even though there is acute shortage of semi skilled workers for doing installation, maintenance and repair works, etc., a large segment of unemployed youth is jobless. Special skill development programs are to be planned and implemented with an aim to bring out the unemployed youth to be qualified as semiskilled workers. This program ensures job for the unemployed youth at the same time helps the society and individual to solve their problems like, maintenance and repair of house hold equipments, manufacture of small industrial/ domestic equipments, etc.


SDC Research Centre

SDC research centre is a unique set up to provide all support to the Skill development program. It has got a long term as well as short term vision: term Rather than training the unemployed, the Research centre is being setup with a vision to provide all sort of support for establishing and running productive programs for the benefit of the trained semi skilled persons.

Skill Development Centre, IHRD


Important Events

Centre inaguration
The Centre is inaugurated by Sri.M.Vijayakumar, Minsiter for Law and Sports,GoK on 2009
First Projects
SDC,TVPM completed first Project,development of Power supply unit
Research centre
The Research centre will have a training centre to train the semi skilled youth for product manufacturing.

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