Evolution of Swadeshi Movement

  • Started in 1998 at Trivandrumby establishing the Gandhi Centre for Rural Development to coordinate the work at the state level
  • ·Initiated by the Centre for Gandhian Studies of the University of Kerala as its Extension Activity
  • Started the work in the Gandhi Study Centres run by the NGOs as an Experimental Project in Trivandrum District in 1999
  • Started the work in Schools in 2000 through the Gandhi Darshan School Units in Trivandrum
  • Started Soap Products Training course in 2002
  • Registrationof the Gandhi Centre for Rural Development in 2002 as  a Charitable Society to coordinate the work at the state level
  • Started Soap Making Training courses in Ernakulam and Calicut
  • Started Food Processing Training course in 2003
  • Began Regular Training Programmes in Trivandrum,Kochi and Calicut once in three months
  • Started Jack Fruit Products Training course in 2004
  • Started Consumer Products Training course in 2004
  • Established Swadeshi Energy Management Council to coordinate the work in Rain Water Harvesting, Ferro Cement Tank construction, Wind Wheel Energy and Micro Hydal Energy generation suited for families by the end of 2004
  • Started Umbrella making course in 2005 and expanded the work in all the 14 Districts of Kerala in collaboration with the Gandhian Organisations  and other like minded organisations.
  • Forced to stop the linkage with the University of Kerala by the middle of 2005 and since then the Gandhi Centre for Rural Development
  • Established Swadeshi Super Markets in Trivandrum, Kottayam and Calicut in 2006
  • Started Paper Bag making course in 2007 and initiated the Anti-Plastic Campaign throughout the state
  • Started the Agarbathi and Candle Making course in 2008 and established raw material     distribution centres in all the Cities
  • Started Direct Marketing course in 2009
  • Started Artificial Ornaments Making course by the begining of 2010 and initiated a Swadeshi Campaign - Week long Swadeshi Festival - an experimental project to generate a spirit among the people about Swadeshi and Swadeshi Activities.
  • Started Regular Swadeshi Festival Programmes – Festival of Home Made Products Training, Exhibition and Seminars from 2010  onwards in Trivandrum, Kottayam, Kochi, Kozhikkode and Kannur
  • Started Glass Painting and Fabric Painting course in June 2011
  • Started Decentralisation work and Established Semi – Autonomous Regional Centres at Kochi(Central area) and Kozhikode(Northern area) in 2012
  • Converted the Semi – Autonomous Regional Centres at Kochi(Central area) and Kozhikode(Northern area) into fully Autunomous Independent Swadeshi Centres in 2014
  • Transformation in the Organisational Structure completed in 2015 and the Gandhi Centre for Rural Development became an Umbrella type organization in supporting and coordinating the Swadeshi Rural Development work in Kerala.
  • Started Zero Budget Farming course in October 2015
  • Started Cake Making Training in July 2016
  • Started Curry Powder and Masala Powder Making Training in July 2018.


News Flash

57th Swadeshi Festival

Dates: 31 - 23 Feb. 2020
Venue : YMCA Hall, Behind Secretariat, Trivandrum

Jan 31, Feb. 1,2
Soap Making

Feb. 3,4
Consumer Products

Feb. 5,6
Umbrella Making


Feb. 7,8,9
Food Processing

Feb. 10,11,12
Cake Making


Feb. 13,14
Paper Bag Making

Feb. 15,16,17
Jackfruit Products

Feb. 18,19
Eco Farming

Feb 20,21
Curry Masala Powder

Feb 22,23
Banana Leaf Plate Making


Training Material Cost per Course Rs.200
Timing 10 - 5pm
For Details : 94471 54338 & 94959 54338