(Unemployed youth)
  • Various Skill Development training Programmes 8th Completed to Degree/PG qualified unemployed youth.

(School going students)

  • Training through ‘Electronics Hobby Club’(IHRD Training Programme established in school Campuses with the help of School Authorities / PTA

(Technical/Engineering) Final year and course Completed unemployed

  • Engineering Degree, Polytechnic Diploma ITI / ITC Certificates, Degree in Electronics / computer etc
  • To train & support Academic Project
  • To train hands on experience in electronics production and R&D workes in Electronics, Biomedical and Computer mechatronics and altred engineering fields
Setting up of Skill development centres across the state: IHRD has institutions and offices that is spread in almost all districts of Kerala state. These Infrastructure fasciltieis together with the expertise available within the institution is efficieiently utilized for training of skilled persons.Many skill development centres are already starteted functioning. Eventhoguh the training program are mainly focused on developing skilled workers in the area of electronics/electrical engineering filed, soon the training needs in other areas will also be explored.
  • Identify the products to be manufactured.
  • Market study and feasibility analysis
  • Develop technology; Design the products by utilizing the expertise available within IHRD.
  • Industrial design of the product
  • Resource management, Logistics
  • Training of the skilled persons for manufacturing
  • Production ramp up
  • Quality assurance
  • Marketing
  • After sale support
  • Liaison work with Government
  • Profit sharing
  • Review of the all processes and apply correction if any

One attractive feature of this initiative is that the program is self sustaining. The project will earn revenue by selling the products manufactured and no financial support is needed for its smooth running