Jackfruit Products Training

As third stage activity of the Swadeshi movement, a comprehensive course is designed for the processing of food items by giving thrust to process the locally available fruits particularly Jackfruit which is abundant in Kerala. This course is also intended to give training to those people engaged in the production of food items by giving both theoretical and practical know how in the production of pickles, Jams, squashes, jelly, halwa and other allied items.

Items Included: Squash, Syrup, Jam, Jelly, Halwa, Tone, Pickle, Pappadam, Murukku, Honey Jackfruit, Jackfruit Preserve, Jackfruit Thera,Jackfruit Burffy,Jackfruit Cake,Jackfruit Cutlet,Jackfruit Baji,Jackfruit Mischer,Jackfruit Unniyappam,Jackfruit Ladu, Chakkakkuru Thoran Parippu, Chakkakkuru Puttupodi, Chakkakkuru Avalose Podi, Chakkakkuru Sambar Parippu, Dried Chakka Chula, Chakka Chips,etc.

Duration: 3 Days.

Training Time: 9.30 am to 5 pm.

Fees: Rs.200,Meals not Provided.